We consider ourselves pretty lucky to have the best of both worlds. When friends heard we were moving our Head Office from the most easterly point of Australia, Byron Bay to the city of Sydney, they were worried we would miss the nature of our secluded tropical rain forest! But they needn’t have been concerned.

Sydney Lifestyle

Our new office is lucky enough to be located right on the door step of the Bay Run which travels approximately 7 kms around the shores of the Iron Cove Bay and is one of the most popular harbourside tracks in Sydney. Following the entire natural course of the cove and never deviating more than 20 metres from the water it has become one of our favorite walks/runs!

Inspired By Nature

When Samaya Winterton, founder of Geometric Inspired, created the label in 2014 she was adamant that no matter how pressing work commitments were, the most important thing for her was lifestyle and being surrounded by nature. When asked, ‘What drives you daily about what you do? She replied, ‘For me right now it is about lifestyle. It is about being able to do and share what I am passionate about in a way that supports what I want from life, how I feel and need to be on this planet. Because when I get this right I know it effects everything around me, including the people I come into contact with.

If I am to work with and be inspired by nature, I have to take time to look at it, feel it and get the essence of what it is trying to teach me. I am continually learning about myself, and being reminded there is beauty all round me even when I can’t see the bigger picture. And there are so many things to be grateful for, even on those days when I wish it was sunny and the sky is full of clouds.’

We think one of Samaya’s photos taken on her sunset walk around the Bay Run says it all!