Geometric Inspired creates jewellery to showcase the perfection of sacred geometric patterns through the inspiration of classic designs.

Referencing the wisdom of the ‘golden ratio’ or the number 1.618. in all their collections. This ratio is believed to be the basis of all creation. Each piece is designed to help the user contemplate on beauty and their deeper meaning to awaken their best selves.

Whether used to strengthen or inspire, these pieces share the mysteries of science, nature and creation while remaining contemporary, striking and modern.

The traditions, history and stories of the Mandala, The Flower of Life, The Tree of life, Platonic solids or the Labyrinth, which have been passed down through the generations, make all these pieces capable of manifesting the intentions of those who adorn them.

For those venturing into the exploration of Sacred Geometry, each piece in our collection will teach and educate you about where these patterns already occur in the natural world.

They can enhance your life by helping manifest your deep held intentions.