Our head office is based in Byron Bay, Northern NSW, and although I spend a lot of time in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney where our other offices are located, I always appreciate coming home. Each time I’m back in Byron I take at least 1000 photos of the sunrise and sunset, two of my most favorite times of the day. I heard that the most productive time of the day is between 4-6am, so I’ve been trying to be up before that. Apart from feeling super creative, fresh and clear at that time I also get to witness the rising of the sun. My morning walk to the lighthouse, followed by a quick dip in the ocean is my meditation in action.

I was having trouble coming up with the perfect name for our latest jewellery design and after brainstorming with the GI team, we decided to name the most recent Flower of Life inspired creations Forever, with a tag line ‘Beautiful Mind’ to follow.

When you are on that creative journey designing new products and trying to find ‘that’ name which matches the new design, we realised how important it is for us to keep returning to nature and what it actually is that keeps us open, grounded and in the moment. Our time out from our sketch pads and computers, our time out from thinking and being the person doing, is where our Beautiful Mind gets to rest and make space for new ideas.

I guess I wanted to share how important it is for me to keep coming back to what is important. Taking time to remind myself to stop doing and just be. To stop worrying what is coming next and allowing myself to #trustintheprocess

For me, and I am sure anyone that allows themselves to take time out, is where the Beautiful Mind is nurtured. Forever more.