It takes courage to be creative, to dive deep into yourself, to find that place within YOU and let it all flow. The rewards far outweigh the doubts, the fear, the moments of procrastination.

I have recently embarked on a writing and mediation journey, one that I have dreamt and thought about for what feels like a very long time. I used to practice both of those creative skills but somehow time slipped away, my attention was diverted and I shut down those gifts that bring me inspiration and joy. Faced with some personal hardships towards the end of last year, I was determined I didn’t want to carry that burden with me into the new year. I didn’t want to create the same patterns for myself again and again. There was only one way out..or should I say forward.

Finding Joy Through Mindfulness

Life is short and time is moving, whether we are present or not, so for me it was time to step up and not let it pass me by. Through the heartache and pain, a blessing in disguise, I was challenged to step up, take a deep good look at where I was at in life and where I wanted to be. As soon as I started asking myself these important questions I met a friend who introduced me to the Insight Timer mediation app. That was just the beginning. I submerged myself in daily meditation and found I was being propelled to journal my experiences.

What we practice grows stronger

Once upon I time I was an avid journal writer, but those days seemed too far gone. In recent years I had taken to making notes on my phone. But it just wasn’t the same. After the morning meditation I found myself creating small lists and poems in my little notebook by my bed. The next thing I know my intuition started telling me to research some writing workshops and retreats. Pretty much straight  away I found the incredibly wonderful and free 7 day writing challenge created by Kristen Pilz, of  Write Your Journey. Her online courses I would have to say have transformed my future. I can’t get enough, so much so I decided to buy myself a ticket to Vietnam and join her in Hoi An where she holds weekly group writing meet ups in early March.

In the words of my new favourite mediation guide and author of a wonderful new book, Good Morning, I Love You, Dr Shauna Shapiro says,  ‘What we practice grows stronger.’

Thankyou universe for bringing these incredibly amazing women across my path. I am so grateful for their inspiration and  beautiful, generous hearts.