About Geometric Jewellery Inspired Byron Bay
Geometric Inspired is a modern lifestyle brand, showcasing the perfection of sacred geometric patterns through cutting edge and classic design. Referencing the wisdom of the ‘golden ratio’ in all their collections, Geometric Inspired designs and sources exceptional art, jewellery, and textiles from around the world. Each piece is designed to help the user contemplate on beauty and awaken their best selves. Whether used to strengthen or inspire, the cleverly rounded up collection shares the mysteries of science, nature and creation all the while remaining contemporary, striking and modern.

Geometric Inspired pieces are perfect for anyone interested in art, culture, architecture, travel and design. For those just venturing into the exploration of sacred geometry, each piece in our collection will teach and educate you about where these patterns already occur in the natural world, and how they can enhance your life.

We believe in beautiful people, beautiful thoughts, beautiful actions and a beautiful world. For any one who has felt the need to explore the intriguing symmetries that make up the Universe – or simply gift themselves and others meaningful accouterments for the body and home, Geometric Inspired is your perfect companion.


A respected artist and graduate of a Bachelors in Visual Arts at Melbourne University, Samaya Winterton launched her inaugural on-line store, Geometric Inspired in 2014 with a view to create and showcase inspirational jewellery, textiles and wall art from around the world.

Introduced to the world of Geometry 8 years ago when she began collaborating with another designer to create sculptures and interior lights based on Geometric ratios, she became vastly intrigued with the fascinating subject of the ‘golden ratio’ and began learning and researching the matter – as well as developing a stellar range of products.

Samaya’s fascination with the mysteries of sacred geometry led to revered exhibitions and travels around the world studying this amazing subject, as well as facilitating presentations and workshops by leading experts and teachers in the field, passionate about sharing this information with others.

Now, all Geometric Inspired products sourced and designed by Samaya are founded on the principles of Sacred Geometric Ratios to ensure maximum beauty, elegance and harmony in the spaces they inhabit.

The mission of the brand is to share beautiful pieces that inspire and delight – through introducing users to the principles of sacred geometry that are encapsulated in contemporary and modern pieces.

Samaya Winterton is a pioneer of these stunning pieces, a talented artist, designer and curator who is ready to bring beautiful and transformational pieces into our homes and lives. Samaya has excelled in assembling and designing a strong and globally acknowledged collection that continues to grow in 2014.