Queens Birthday Long Weekend

A great reminder of the mid year is the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.  We thought it might be interesting to do a little research on what it means to be a queen. One of the first things we think of is all her jewels! To adorn ourselves with natures gifts of beautiful symbolism and crystals is a great reflection of our inner world.

Infact, the symbolism of a queen in a tarot deck is similar to Kings meanings. Queens are just as commanding, authoritative and strikingly intense in their ruling authority. Yet she has the advantage of her femininity, and therefore subtle in her reign. Tarot Teachings is a great site that we sourced the following information, we thought you might find interesting.  For example:

The Queen of Cups deals with matters of the emotion, intuition and feelings. So, when we pull the Queen of Cups she will softly speak to our emotions in the matters of the heart.

The Queen of Pentacles is a material world dealing with work, money, home and health. The Queen of Pentacles will fastidiously appeal to us with her shrewd domestic and business sense.

The Queen of Swords challenges points to the balance of our thoughts, mental challenges were faced with and effective communication. The Queen of Swords will put a sharp edge of clarity in our minds about how we can effectively deal with conflicts.

The Queen of Wands caters to our awareness of spirituality, inspiration and social settings. Ergo, the Queen of Wands will be the belle of the ball, socializing with us about deeper personal connections, intuiting spiritual connections and she will conjure our creative juices to flow.


Celebrating Mid Year!

What an incredible year it has been so far.  There has been a lot going on for so many people all around the world.  It almost feels like we have crammed 6 years into the last 6 months.  It is hard to believe so much has happened in such a short space of time, all the while feeling like it has gone so incredibly fast.

We chose to celebrate the midyear mark and the Queens’s Birthday long weekend by marking down selected items at our online store.  For a limited time selected items have been marked down 10-20%. Enjoy visiting our pendants page to see which piece of Jewellery speaks to the Queen inside of you.

Have a beautiful weekend!