Have you ever had that experience, when you least expect it, and you know, you just know from the tips of your toes to the top of your head that THIS is the sign you’ve been looking for?!

We recently took the plunge and left the comforts of our paradise in Byron Bay to move to Melbourne in the middle of winter. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Melbourne winters but they get pretty chilly, especially compared to the warmer winter climates 2000km north. But we did it, there were just too many signs to ignore. And now that we are here, settled in, and our new office is up and running, we couldn’t be happier.

Even down to the simplest little thing – like finding a trainer that took small group sessions. I literally got lost walking around the local area the second day I was here, and low and behold, I almost tripped over a sign just around the corner at Albert Park Lake…and guess what it said, ‘Is this the sign you have been looking for? Enquire within about our small group personal training sessions.’ The rest is history – obviously haha….You guessed it, we joined up and discovered we found one of the most attentive, caring PT’s out there, he’s totally on the look out for our groups health, happiness and fitness! Its was even more than what I was looking for.

The same can be said for some of the EOFY sales. I had had my eye on the most amazing leather jacket from a popular Melbourne fashion label. Of course, I NEEDED to embellish my winter wardrobe and this was one of those ‘must have’ pieces. Just as I went to walk into the store, I checked my emails – and guess what – yet again….it was a sign from the universe!! They were starting their EOFY sale and there was 50% off the beloved, much needed jacket I wanted.Needless to say I haven’t taken it off since!!

So, if you have been thinking to add to your Geometric Inspired jewellery collection, or you want to start now, I would have to say there is no time like the present! Enjoy 40% off storewide until 26 June. Go on, you know you deserve it. Simply use the coupon code: LOVE40 at the checkout and save!