The Flower of Life

It struck me as incredible phenomena when people believed these Geometric shapes and symbols, that are present in my jewellery designs, were so familiar to them somehow, even if they had no idea of the type of structures they were. People were telling me that when they had these symbols in their spaces, as well as wearing them, they would have dramatic changes in their lives, or could feel a kind of peace and calm come over their space, and themselves too. It was deeply moving and to me, quite surreal. I delved further and further into the subject and came to understand that these sacred geometric ratios we were making into sculptures held a certain frequency that helped people come back to their center, remember who they were and help direct them back to their souls purpose.

 Feelings, Energy, Positive Influences, Interconnection

I don’t want to sound too wishy washy or like I am going on with some type of spiritual jargon but this is what people were telling me they experienced when they had these shapes in their presence.

The first time I wore my Flower of Life pendant, I went to the local shops to buy some groceries.  When I went to pay for my weeks shopping the eftpos machine was not working, so I was about to leave the shop, go down the road to withdraw some money from the bank and return to the shop to pay.  But a woman appeared out of nowhere, I had never seen her before. She offered to pay for my shopping. Of course I said, ‘No, it’s ok, I will go down the road and get some money form the bank,’ but she insisted. Before I knew it my shopping had been paid for – and it was like the woman then just disappeared.  I was living in a pretty small town at the time and everyone seemed to know everyone, but no one had ever seen this woman before….and as far as I know to this day, did not see her again.

Was this a sign of the power of the Flower of Life? Was this just a coincidence?  I don’t know, but I do know from that time, my introduction to Sacred Geometry took my life on a whole new journey, a new path, that I could never have imagined and basically my world opened up and my interest and life direction changed.  And now 10 years on Geometric Inspired was born.

The Flower of Life is a symbol found in sacred sites around the world, it represents interconnectedness. All shapes we find in nature are found within this beautiful and potent symbol. Needless to say, there is rarely a day I go without wearing my Flower of Life pendant.