Sacred Architecture and the Geometry of Life

with Michael Rice
13 April, 6-9pm, Byron Community Center, Byron Bay

Sacred Architecture brings the Heart of the Earth into the Hearth of the Home. It can be defined as the Art and Science of designing and constructing buildings which create, support and enhance life and living systems.

In this dynamic evening presentation Michael will show you how Nature uses certain patterns, forms and proportions (Sacred Geometry) to generate and self-organise all that we perceive in the natural world, and all we can consciously manifest in the built one. He will demonstrate how you can use this vital information to design and construct your own sacred space in your home or place of work.

This event is for anyone who wishes to consciously affect positive change in their environment in alignment with the geometry of life itself.

Michael Rice is a Sacred Architect, Visionary, Master Geometer, Builder and Teacher. Over the last 25 years he has designed and seen built over 500 beautiful structures in 12 countries.

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