Geometric Inspired in New York

We just happened to be in the right place at the right time!! You know how the universe just sets up everything perfectly, and you end up aligning with some of the worlds great natural pleasures!


New York’s Manhattanhenge is a phenomenon which happens only 4 times a year in New York City where the sun as it rises or sets lines up with the perfectly proportioned east-west grid of the streets of this amazing city. As I arrived in New York on Wednesday’s early evening, thousands lined the streets to get ‘that’ photo, as the sun was setting, which causes the buildings to glisten and highlights unique geometric patterns that are a feature of New York architecture.

‘Everywhere you look walking the streets of New York you are overwhelmed by the beauty of the repeating geometric inspired patterns which adorn the buildings giving this city a unique energy and power. There is a rhythm here, from the layout of the streets to the designs of buildings which inspires and energizes. For now I am off to wonder, but I’ll be back to share more tomorrow.’ Patrick