Vedic Mathematics

Jain, our very own Vedic Mathematician who just happend to live around the corner from me at the time my curiosity with Sacred Geometry began, offered to teach us more about Geometry symbolism if I could get a small group together to learn about it. Three days later I rang Jain and said ‘I have a group of 20 people interested, when are you free?! And that is how it all began.

I immersed myself in researching these incredible and potent symbols we were creating and a passion in Sacred Geometry was born. I had no idea that these symbols used special ratios that are found everywhere in nature, in our DNA, in the proportions of our body, the way a sunflower is formed. I had absolutely no idea at that time so many of the worlds ancient architecture was also designed and created on these ratios.


Inspired by Geometry

So, it goes without saying, after 8 years of creating a business based on these principles and organizing events and exhibitions with some of the world leaders of this subject, that my new business, Geometric Inspired, would retain the basis of these principles.

Over the last 8 years, I have been fortunate enough to meet scientists like Nassim Haramein, Flower of Life expert, Drunvalo Milchizedek and Bio Architect Michael Rice who designs all his dwellings on Geometric proportions and ratios.  Through these encounters my desire to know more and more about this fascinating subject and its relevance in today’s world grew.