You know that self talk, remember it’s actually a conversation you are having with the universe.

I remember years ago attending a meditation retreat in Marysville, Victoria with Drunvalo Milchizedek, author of The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life and Living in the Heart. He had  asked all attendees to bring something that was special to us. My sister had given me a piece of rough rose quartz crystal years before that had always sat on my bed side table. So naturally it was the first thing I thought of and it was the first thing I put in my bag to take.

Love is the way home

This particular retreat was all about living in our heart and focusing on what is important. It was quite apt that I chose my special piece of rose quartz crystal. During one particular mediation at the retreat Drunvalo asked us to hold our ‘special’ piece in the palm of our hands and begin the mediation with closed eyes. Immediately I was transported to another world, flying through the air, looking down on the most vast and incredible landscapes, something that reminded me of the Andes in Peru. All I kept hearing over and over was, ‘Love is the way home.’ This marked the beginning of a never ending fascination with crystals and their power to heal.

Those few words became my mantra for many years to come.  I had spent many years looking on the outside, traveling the world, reading self help books, asking the same questions over and over again to various spiritual teachers looking for the answers I always seemed to ask myself in the search of peace and happiness.

Positive Affirmations

From that time on my crystal collection began, and with each piece I somehow felt a certain resonance, an energy, a calling. Each creation of the earths magic seemed to talk to me, and I to them. A life long relationship had begun. Each morning I awake to my ever growing collection, and share my mantra silently. My new mantra, ‘manifest your intention,’ is the one that is resonating with me now. It feels powerful and uplifting and I look forward to seeing what this thought will bring me next.

My journey thus far…..Samaya 🙂