What a night to remember in more ways than one! #traveleverywherewithlove

We think the hashtag says it all. We were fortunate enough to be invited to the VIP Evening with Gillie and Marc at their Alexandria gallery in Sydney!

Gillie and Marc Australian Contemporary Artists

The artists’ public presentation revealed more about the story and purpose of their art than ever before as well as offering all attendees 50% off all art in the gallery and over $500 worth of free art! Naturally we walked away with one of our favorites, Lost Rabbit, a stunning resin sculpture found a new home at our head office. Apparently, as the story goes, according to artists Gillie and Marc, ‘Everybody feels a little lost sometimes. These sculptures pay homage to the fact that even during our darkest days, we’re never truly alone.’

Symbols That Imbue The Spirit of Creation

Their presentation touched us, and again reinforced that we are on the right track. Their art explores relationships and love, and they find inspiration in their travels around the world and adventures they have had, or hope to have, together. They hope that their animal/human hybrids makes people think by challenging conventions, expectations and societal norms.”

It reminded us of what our vision is at Geometric Inspired. Our vision is all about bringing beauty, depth and harmony, light & meaning with geometric symbols that imbue the spirit of creation. We believe these symbols and patterns used by ancient mystery schools had been lost to us over the centuries, but are back in Vogue and are taking on a whole new meaning.