The Flower of Life and all it has to offer. I would never have imagined back in 2005 when I was gifted a Flower of Life pendant that my life would seemingly change for ever. This was before I knew the term Sacred Geometry, in fact it was before I knew anything about the Flower of Life at all other than it was a beautiful symbol that I resonated with.

The first time I wore the pendant, I was shopping my local grocery store and when I got to the counter it turned out the electronic payment system wasn’t working. I turned to tell the shop assistant I didn’t have any cash on me and that I would run to the bank and come back and pay cash for my collection of fruit and vegetables. It was like out of nowhere, a woman appeared and before I knew it she not only offered to pay for my shopping , but she did!! At the time I lived in a small town in the Northern Rivers of NSW, everyone knew everyone. But on this particular day, with no explanation, a woman that none of us had ever seen, or ever saw again appeared…and paid for my shopping!!

From that time my life seemed intrinsically connected to the Flower of Life. I started seeing the symbol everywhere. Other people wearing a similar pendant, the symbol jumping out at me in books, the urge to go Egypt again and search out the temple where you can find the FOL symbol.

Flower of Life

I didn’t put that experience down to wearing my Flower of Life pendant at all….but over the years a few incidences like that happened…and whether you call it coincidence or not, I somehow made the connection of the two.

Whatever your connection to this precious and meaningful symbol, I believe we are all interconnected, we are all streams of energy interwoven, intrinsically, making a difference to everything around us. I feel wearing my Flower of Life symbol that I am acknowledging that I am in the flow of life.