Leigh Arnold, an Australian based artist, sees or at least visualizes form and structure in a way that most others cannot. Many of his paintings have a background of outer space, star fields, spiral nebulae and planets floating towards central vortices. His images often have mathematical grids with almost bizarre tessellations and repetition of structural elements.

From his earliest childhood memories he began analyzing the complex patterns he saw in his Grandmothers Persian rugs. This lead to a fascination with pattern and symmetry, together with the exploration of mathematics behind these phenomenon. Leigh can take a simple object like a cube, and by use of perspective and colour manipulation he creates a world which displays precise order in incredible complexity.


Young, talented and generating quite a buzz within the Australian contemporary art scene, Paris Tremayne is a Melbourne based artist.

Paris’ paintings are an expression of force. For Paris, painting is a deeply meditative practice to which he chooses to avoid atttaching specific concepts or themes, as he believes this would be limiting an otherwise infinite energy source.

“My pictures have a existence of their own and must speak for themselves. I feel very strongly that in life as in art the point isn’t conscious understanding but rather an ever expanding sense of what appears to be constantly changing, yet is ultimately forever abiding dancing awareness.  Or love if you’d prefer.”