Sri Yantra – Staying In The Heart.

The Sri Yantra or ‘Yantra of Creation’ is a visual diagram of the sacred sound vibration of ‘OM’ and is seen as nine intersecting and harmonious triangles. The point in the centre, ‘Bindu’, represents ‘creative manifestation’, while the four triangles pointing upwards are associated with Universal energy and Consciousness. Finally, five perfect triangles pointing downwards to Mother Earth evoke dynamic energy and change.
This symbol is therefore perfect to connect with your own heart centre, from which the gifts of your life can prosper outwards.

Made from 100% high quality cotton each gold print banner comes with convenient fabric eyelets or insert poles through fabric loops. It is easy to mount and available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your needs.

72cm x 72cm | SKU: 1Y-MED-SY
130cm x 130cm | SKY: 1Y-LG-SY