Inner awakening and enlightenment. Sufi mysticism explored. Sufism endeavored to produce a personal experience of the divine through mystic and ascetic discipline.

Samaya, our lead designer will never forget one of her most memorable trips to Egypt, where she witnessed the mesmerizing essence of the Sufi Dance. ‘It was like the dancers had a  direct communion with the divine. It was hypnotizing to say the least. That moment in time, that feeling of pure freedom the dancers seemed to experience never left my mind. It was like the Sufi dancers created a personal space in which they were free to explore an intimate journey using the whirling and spinning technique. I was captivated,’ remembers Samaya.

Amore Pendant Inspiration

The latest creation to our Mandala Collection is Amore.

The winged heart is a symbol of the Sufi movement. It symbolizes ascension. The heart has long been a symbol for the soul, the seat of emotions, our inner selves. And the wings represent divinity, transcendence and freedom.

Inner awakening and enlightenment.

The dancer is destined to whirl as the  earth around the sun and so achieve harmony with the Universe itself. As the planets themselves rotate so the dance is performed spinning from the left side, the heart side!

Like a journey that cannot be taken without departure, the one who desires the mystery and secret of the dance must feel the will to embark upon the journey!

4 good reasons to practice sufi dance :

•   A way to meditation

•   A body and mind liberation

•   A free way to express oneself

•   A physical  and healthy practice for both heart and breathing