The Italian Riviera

Arriving in Tori Superiore eco village a few days ago, I have found my home for the next three weeks! Based in the Italian Riviera, just over the border from France and about 50km east of Nice. Im loving being nestled in the mountains, with stunning views, hearing the quietness of village life, the sounds of birds, children playing and roosters. A fourteenth century ruin, cared for and restored over the last 25 years has been turned into an amazing community village of 20 people.

Tori Superiore nestled in the mountains

It feels so wonderful to be in the fresh air of countryside again. As much as I am a city girl at heart, I know my heart can rest and I am much more at ease to come back to my center when I am in the peace and quiet of nature. There has always been a bit of a dilemma inside of me, living in the country feeling like I am sometimes missing out on all the things that go on in the city, but then on the other hand, when I am in the city I feel the importance of the serenity and solitude I love so much and probably take for granted when I am in places that offer that. Maybe it is the Piscean in me coming out and enjoying the homey type nurturing thing. Whatever it is, I sure am happy to be here right now!

Slightly nervous at the fact I have put myself in a position to be surrounded by some of the worlds greatest Visionary Artists, and I don’t even have a drawing prepared for my course that starts in two days.

Eeeeek…..what have I been doing with my time! Well, lots of things-walking, shopping, talking, sending messages and photos to family and friends, hahahaaa even some work, organizing my online business and making sure everything is under control from the HQ in Byron Bay.

But are they excuses not to draw, but watch this space, it is only a matter of time before I start posting some images of my own work….the best is yet to come.