Italian Riviera Visionary Art Seminar

The Italian Riviera
Arriving in Tori Superiore eco village a few days ago, I have found my home for the next three weeks! Based in the Italian Riviera, just over the border from France and about 50km east of Nice. Im loving being nestled in the mountains, with stunning views, hearing the quietness of village […]

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Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa
I learned about the use of the Golden Ratio when doing a work shop with Jonathan Quintin, a Geometric Cosmologist. For me, a beginner on the road of Sacred Geometry, it was absolutely amazing…and made so much sense. I really don’t remember our Lecturers talking about this when I studied Visual […]

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Visiting Paris and The Louvre Museum

A Week In Paris
What an incredible week it has been, visiting Paris’ galleries, museums, cafes and markets. Enjoying the baguettes, cheese and incredible olives and wine! Not to mention walking a thousand miles underground to get to the right platform on the metro station. Exhausted almost everyday from taking it all in I am […]

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Geometric Inspired comes to Life

Geometric Inspired is born
It was quite obvious to me, even though I decided to sell my previous business recently, that the new one I would create would continue to share the same philosophy and hopefully one day help reach a broader community of people and introduce them to the incredible subject of Sacred Geometry […]

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Sacred Heart of Paris

My Paris apartment
So, back to Europe. Day 2 in Paris, after the jetlag had worn off slightly and I found myself wandering aimlessly taking it all in. I started the morning on the balcony sipping coffee, looking off into the distance at the majestic Paris landmark, architectural wonder of Sacre Coeur, (meaning Sacred Heart).

Overlooking […]

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Sacred Geometric Symbols

The Flower of Life
It struck me as incredible phenomena when people believed these Geometric shapes and symbols, that are present in my jewellery designs, were so familiar to them somehow, even if they had no idea of the type of structures they were. People were telling me that when they had these symbols in […]

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Inspired by Sacred Geometry

Vedic Mathematics
Jain, our very own Vedic Mathematician who just happend to live around the corner from me at the time my curiosity with Sacred Geometry began, offered to teach us more about Geometry symbolism if I could get a small group together to learn about it. Three days later I rang Jain and said […]

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Tibetan Thangka Paintings to Vedic Mathematics

Where it all began
 Just to give you a bit of background, so you know where I am coming from. When I completed a Visual Arts, Bachelor of Education Degree back in 1994, I moved to London with no idea what I would do. Within 3 months all my savings disappeared and I found myself […]

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Freedom to Fly

Byron Bay to Paris….just the beginning
I am almost stumped what to write, or should I say, ‘where to begin?’ I have to ask myself what is Geometric Inspired worthy? I don’t want this to be a blog about my personal journey, but I guess it really goes hand in hand. Because whatever is going […]

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Visionary Arts In Italy with Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage Visionary Artist
It just keeps getting better and better. I can feel the inspiration pouring out of me, and I am not even in Europe yet. The plan so far – a week in Paris visiting Galleries, Museums, eating delectable croissants, sipping amazing coffee and walking amongst one of Europe’s most visited cities, […]

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